Our School

Our Vision

Strong culture, strong relationships, strong learners

Our Mission

At Augusta Park Primary School, we work in partnership with families, students and staff to develop and promote:

  • collaborative relationships that are based on mutual respect, trust, listening to each other and being open to other people’s perspectives. We all have opportunities to provide feedback and participate in decision making.  We help and support each other by working collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for students.
  • expert staff who continuously build their knowledge and practice through active engagement in professional learning opportunities, performance development and undertaking research into current pedagogical practices which improve student learning outcomes.
  • effective learning environments which stimulate student learning are engaging, organised and provide opportunities for students to develop a sense of belonging and strong relationships with others. We develop clear, consistent routines and expectations in collaboration with students to set the preconditions for learning as well as to foster a positive, safe and caring school.
  • challenging learning experiences which foster deep understanding, intellectual stretch and motivate students to learn through the use of effective questioning, open-ended tasks, multiple entry points, differentiation and effective and timely feedback. We develop students executive functioning skills and growth mindsets through learning dispositions, intentional teaching and effective task design.
  • successful students who are curious, self-motivated, persistent, reflective and resilient learners. Students work collaboratively with teachers to set their own learning goals and are able to articulate where they are at in their learning and can identify their next steps. We support students to be successful by ensuring learning intentions and success criteria are made visible and are understood by all students.
  • strong community connections through actively engaging in school and community events. We communicate openly and understand each other’s backgrounds and perspectives.  We connect and engage with services in our local community to improve outcomes for students.  We continuously build on our understanding and awareness of Aboriginal culture through our languages program and working with our Aboriginal Education Team as well as celebrating and participating in events that are significant to Aboriginal people. 

Our Staff

Bec Mueller

Student Wellbeing Leader
Natasha Sghirripa

Senior Leader Aboriginal Education
Ktora Dannenberg

Special Education Coordinator
Hayley Carn

Teaching Staff

Small Special Class (Reception – Year 2)

Madeline McArthur    

Reception/Year 1

Tara Nayda

Reception/Year 1

Rebecca Kidman

Year 1/2

Tuesdee Murray

Year 2

Lisa Elliot

Year 2/3

Tessa Reid

Primary Special Class (Year 3 – Year 7)

Nicole Godfrey

Year 3/4

Emma St Clair

Year 4/5

Michelle Densley

Year 4/5

Scott Welfare / Kym Bishop

Year 6/7

Liam Fawcett

Year 6/7

Raman Bhangu

Primary Science

Sally Goldsworthy


Anne Kenny

Aboriginal Languages Teacher

Sally Goldsworthy

Permanent Relief Teacher

Tracy Kingham


Ancillary Staff

Business Manager

Cheryl McKnight

Administration Officer

Donna Irvine

Administration Officer

Keli Schrader

IT Support/WHS Admin

Bruce Kenny

Library Manager

Kerry Harris


Miriam Bodger


Mary Wilson


Maoriella Stuart

Cultural Specialist/SSO

Kahran McKenzie

Classroom Support/Intervention

Maureen Press

Classroom Support/Intervention

Fiona Williams

Classroom Support/Intervention

Kylie Hicks

Classroom Support/Intervention

Darrel McAuliffe

Classroom Support/Intervention

Louise Kirkham

Classroom Support

Trudi Hollies

Classroom Support

Jake McKenna

Classroom Support

Nicole Pepall

Classroom Support

Kerrie-Anne Harrison

Classroom Support

Amanda Coffey

Classroom Support

Emily Spooner

Canteen Manager

Georgia Irvine

Grounds person

Stephen Ruffles


Kevin Schwab


Context Statement

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Annual Report

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