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Augusta Park has an attendance policy, however the information provided below details of the day to day procedures.

Daily absences and lateness

  • Any student arriving at school after 8.50am must proceed to the front office and collect a late slip before they enter the classroom.  Front office staff will record student lateness in Sentral after 8.50am.
  • Text messages are sent to families of students who are absent.  In addition, phone contact will be made with families and home visits conducted, as necessary, to obtain a reason for each student’s absence. 
  • Any unexplained absence of 3 or more days will be followed up with a home visit in accordance with the Attendance Policy.

Early Dismissal

  • Authorised parents/caregivers need to fill in the Early Departure Book at the Front Office, where they will receive an Early Departure note to pass on to the classroom teacher.
  • Students will not be released into an adults care unless this procedure has been followed.  Also, if a child is being collected by an adult other than the enrolling parent/caregiver permission must be obtained and the school notified for this person to collect the child from school. This may also involve school staff asking to sight a person’s identification if they are not known to staff at the school. 
Permission for students to attend school part-time including shortened days

The Department for Education has a process which needs to be followed for students to be granted permission to attend school part-time i.e. attend until 12.30pm.  These processes vary depending on the length of time the student will be attending school part-time.  This is only approved in consultation with the Principal and other Education Department support services, as per the DECD Principals Guide to Exemptions.

Permission for students to be absent for 5 days or more from school during the school term

Families wishing to take their children out of school for an extended period (i.e. holidays) must obtain permission from the Principal to do so. An ED175 (Exemption from school) form needs to be filled in by the parents/caregivers and Principal.

Aboriginal Languages Activities

School Dates and Times

There is no yard supervision before 8.35am, therefore children who are unsupervised by an adult are not permitted to be on school grounds.

8.35am Students may enter school grounds (only allowed in class or on quad)
8:50am  School begins – organisation
9.00am Lesson 1
9.50am Lesson 2
10:40am Recess eating time
10:45am Recess playtime
11:15am Lesson 3
12.05am Lesson 4
12:55pm Lunch eating time
1:00pm Lunch playtime
1:20pm Lesson 5
2.10pm Lesson 6
3:00pm End of the school day

Last day of term 1, 2, 3 and 4 – Early dismissal at 2.00pm as approved by Governing Council in accordance with the Education Act


2018 Public School Term Dates:

Term 1
29th January – 13th April

Term 2
30th April – 6th July

Term 3
23rd July – 28th September

Term 4
15th October – 14th December


Augusta Park Primary School Student Free Days and School Closure Days
Friday 23rd March 2018  Student Free Day Play is the Way
Monday 12th June, 2018 Student Free Day Port Augusta/Quorn Partnership Moderation
Monday 6th August 2018 Student Free Day Visible Learning Day 1
Monday 29th October 2018 Student Free Day Visible Learning Day 2
Friday 30th November, 2018  School Closure  


SA Term Dates and Public Holidays


Our canteen operates daily for recess and lunch.  The food provided by the canteen adheres to the Department for Education’s Right Bite Healthy Eating policy therefore many of the items sold in the canteen are freshly made every day using fresh fruit and vegetables.  We have daily and weekly specials which are advertised via our newsletter and Facebook page. 

Our canteen is able to open prepaid accounts for families, so children don’t have to bring money to school every day.  If you are interested in opening a prepaid account please see our Canteen Manager, Georgia.

We are always looking for extra help in the canteen to assist with food preparation and serving students during recess and lunch time.  If you would like to volunteer, please ring or call in to see Georgia to find out more information.

Canteen Price List

(PDF, 55KB)


The aim of compulsory school uniform at Augusta Park Primary School, is to promote a sense of belonging and membership.

The Augusta Park Primary School uniform comprises of the following elements:

  •   navy T-shirt with pale blue inserts, adorned with the school logo.
  •   school jumper with school logo either hooded or with a baseball jacket style.
  •   summer school dress of blue and white check.
  •   school hat (bucket or broad-brimmed)

Uniform prices may be obtained by contacting the school.  We also provide a one-off special discount on school uniforms for new students on enrolment in addition to a free hat.  After initial enrolment further uniforms or hats must be purchased at the regular price.  Please refer to our uniform policy if you need additional information.

Uniform Policy

(PDF, 231KB)

Family Information

Student Achievement

At Augusta Park Primary School our student achievement targets and data collection timelines are aligned to the Port Augusta/Quorn Partnership Student Achievement Targets and Data Collection Agreement.  We also have additional student achievement data that we collect which is independent of these targets and timelines.

Achievement Targets

(PDF, 293KB)

Student Transition

We implement the Port Augusta/Quorn Partnership Transition policy in conjunction with all schools across Port Augusta and Quorn.  The Deputy Principal oversees the transition processes for all students transitioning into our school. 


Preschool to School Transition

Commencing in Term 3 staff from Augusta Park Primary School visit local preschools to get to know children and families before school transition visits in Term 4.  We also:

  • Hold information session for families at our feeder Preschools (Augusta Park Childhood Service Centre and Flinders Children’s Centre).
  • Assist families in completing school enrolment forms
  • Work closely with families to ensure extra transition is provided to identified children.
  • Ensure each family has received transition information and answer any questions.
  • Provide confirmation of school enrolment letters and notification of transition visits to all prospective families by the end of Week 8.


Transition visits occur as follows:
  • Week 5 00am – 10.00am          

Families and children meet at the library.    Once children are settled the Principal and Deputy Principal introduce themselves then families are taken on a site tour.  At the conclusion of the tour families are provided with further information about the school and given an opportunity to ask questions. 

  • Week 6 50am – 10.45am

Children are dropped off and collected from the classroom to take part in activities with their classmates and teachers. Children need to bring a sun safe hat, a piece of fruit/vegetable and a healthy snack for recess.

  • Week 7 50am – 12.45pm

Children are dropped off and collected from the classroom. Children need to bring a sun safe hat, a piece of fruit/vegetable and a healthy snack for recess and lunch. Children will participate in playtime with the rest of the school at recess time.

  • Week 8 50am – 3.00pm

Children are dropped off and collected from their classroom. They will experience a full day of school and will need to bring a sun safe hat, recess and lunch.


Special Options Transition

We ensure an individualised student transition process takes place for Special Options students.  The transition process is flexible and adapted to meet the needs of individual students and their families in consultation with DECD/non-DECD service providers and the site the students are transitioning from.

Transition visits for Special Options students include:

  • Site tour with the Principal or Deputy Principal.
  • Meeting with Deputy Principal, Teacher, All Children’s Education (ACE) Team and other school staff as required
  • Classroom visits (as negotiated to meet the student’s needs)
  • Participation in school events as deemed appropriate i.e. swimming lessons
  • ACE Team and class teacher visiting students school and classroom to get to know each other

For students transitioning into a Special Option at another site or who are transitioning out of a Special Option the Deputy Principal works closely with students, families, DECD/non-DECD service providers and with personnel from other sites to ensure a successful individualised student transition process takes place.

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