Augusta Park Primary School

Welcome to Augusta Park Primary School

At Augusta Park Primary School we work alongside families and community to provide the best possible experiences for your children. We take pride in knowing children and families personally, making them feel important and acknowledging that they are an integral part of our school.


Our vision is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment where every student feels they belong.  We strive to build a school culture based on learning, generosity and respect for self and others. The rich relationships that are fostered between all members of the school community enhance our sense of belonging.

We maintain a strong focus on student achievement through the quality teaching of Literacy and Numeracy. Conversations around children’s achievement are central to ensuring that school, families and students are working collaboratively to maximize individual potential. Having students who are able to discuss their aspirations, set personal goals and then work towards these are indicative of the student empowerment we aim for.


Through our implementation of the ‘You Can Do It’ social skills program we provide relevant learning experiences and individual support; each child is able to build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for the future. Learning with ICT is a key component of this approach as children become excited and engaged by the use of iPads, social media and web-based learning programs to enhance their learning experiences.

The direction provided by Governing Council provides a strong parent voice and reflects the focus of the community with an aim to provide ‘Brighter Futures’ for all children.


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