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Information for Parents

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Is your Child Ill?

Photo of sick childThe spread of certain infectious diseases can be reduced by excluding a person, known to be infectious, from contact with others who are at risk of catching the infection.

A person who is not excluded may still need to remain at home because they do not feel well.

Recommended exclusion periods are based on the time that a person with a specific disease or condition might be infectious to others

A summary of exclusion periods can be found at the Dept. of Health Website

Recommended exclusion periods 84KB Adobe PDF


Parents and students should make every endeavour to see that students attend school every day. This will enable the students educational programme to proceed smoothly and will not necessitate ?catching up? missed school work.

However, children should not attend school if they are feeling unwell. Attention can be given to sick children at home as facilities for sick children are very limited at school, especially if there is a number of children feeling unwell.

When a child returns to school after being absent, a note from parents explaining the absence needs be sent along to the class teacher - this is a vital part of our legal obligation for children enrolled at school.

If a student is to be away for a week or longer the school needs be informed (preferably beforehand and in writing). If it is for a family reason, parents need to approach the Principal seeking permission to take their child out of school for this longer period.

Teachers may be able to set work which can be done by the students while away from school.