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Numeracy News

This year our teachers will continue professional learning in numeracy with George Booker and Michael Ymer.

This will help teachers to plan and teach interesting numeracy lessons. Playing games is an excellent way to practise and reinforce Maths skills. Every fortnight we will send a new maths game for you to try at home.

Brok, Brayden, Molly and Monique

Levels: year 3+
Skills: Subtracting 3-digit numbers
Players: 2
Equipment: Playing cards
Ace ( =1 ) through 9
Pencil and paper


Getting Started:

Players start with 1000 points on their paper. The goal of the games is to 'break 100' before your opponent does.

Player 1 turns over two cards from the deck. He uses the cards to create a 2 digit number. The first card drawn is used to represent the tens place in that number; the second card is used to represent the ones place.

The player subtracts his number from 1000.
Player 2 takes her turn/ She does the same thing.
Play continues. Players alternate turns, each time subtracting from their difference - until on player